Should I Stay... A New Karaoke Night

Should I Stay... A New Karaoke Night

10 May 2022

This is karaoke with a fresh twist where winning the crowd is the only way you can proceed! If the audience shows their disapproval, you’re out for the count!

Andy Munro’s again in charge and you can come down and sing your favourite hits. However, the audience are armed with cards so you’ll soon see whether you’ve won the room and are free to sing again, or whether that’s it from you.

It’s free to enter and Andy has a massive collection of karaoke backing tracks so it’s unlikely he’ll not have one for you. The night begins at 9pm and runs until we close at midnight. Families are welcome to come along and join the fun.

Don’t forget, if you enjoy our welcoming surroundings, and you’d like a free drink every now and again, then pick up your annual social membership from just £15. 

Let us know you’re coming via our Facebook event page here: Should I Stay Or Should I Go


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Should I Stay... A New Karaoke Night

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